Interview With Rebekah Coleman, Newly Elected Judge

In Black America


Rebecca coleman the newly elected judge in the state of michigan stony to a district harper woods. First female managed to hold the position and the first african american just be elected at harper woods. Sixty nine year. History coleman defeated incumbent. Daniel palmer on third twenty during the june election. She won the judgeship. By four hundred and forty eight volts or fifty three percent majority vote the newly elected management with focus on community based programs including literacy programs alternative sentencing legal aid and civic and landlord tenant division as well as drug and survive treatment programs for residents. This is not cohen. First attempt at elected office. It was a second bid for judicial office. After running unsuccessfully for wayne county circuit court for years. oh yes although not endorse by the hometown. Newspaper the detroit. News coleman chance to eliminate dish. Oh rubber-stamping i'm john leo. Hanson junior and. Welcome to another edition of in black america up on this week's program. Judge rebecca coma the newly elected magistrate michigan thirty to a district in black america. It was a real grassroots campaign. And this was my second time running for rancher the county about four years prior And didn't really have a clear path. Kinda was just like okay. I'm gonna do this. It's my time. It wasn't my time. But i learned from there that time. You know you have to come up with a plan. You have to know what you're going to do daily and it's it's a real grind grindley like i said i was outside every single day knocking on doors when my brother had a plan on. My loss are going to go down. When miller's we're going now When i wanted to have different events. I did not plan for covert but You know we adapted and and stuck to. It and i said this time i was. I said to myself and my dad and a few others. I said i'm not running again. It's not happening. I this is the time. And i and i wanna put for every single thing. I have so that. I can't look back and say oh i could've you at this to

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