His Aaron Boone, the guy to get him out of this


As good as we were the start of the year old. We're bludgeoning the A's and the first four games. Seriously, Do you say we know we're just gonna have to try to tread water here for a second, but Once we get back up full strength, we're gonna go on the run. And it's instead of 60 games from last year. You got a full 1 62. So you have the luxury to go through some Russian rough stretches. I'm gonna ask you a question here that I hope you've been asked before. You probably have, but I don't know that for a fact. So if this is the first time rolled me as best you can How do you Matt Snyder define And a slice. I'm alive. I'm not nearest strict is a lot of people there a lot of people who have it in their minds that they'll argue its elite level ace. There's an elite level s salon. And it's usually only like five or six guys like Jacob deGrom type. I I take it more literal. It's like I think of starters as the number one starter number two, starting about three. So from that point of view and aces, the top 30 starter because there's 30 teams now sometimes don't have any. Some teams have multiple But I generally will will call anybody in eighth. It. Yeah, I'll say in opening day starters and A's At last night, for example, the Dodgers Padres story I called both Clinton Kershaw on Yu Darvish aces. Right? All right. Thank the Dodgers have about three aces and

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