How Rich Eisen 'Met the Moment' in His First SportsCenter Broadcast


My first sportscenter was in the middle of march of nineteen ninety-six. It was a saturday. Seven o'clock eastern sportscenter which they don't have that time slot anymore but at any rate it was right there early evening on a saturday during march madness. I think it was the first weekend. I had to have been the round of thirty. Two of the nineteen ninety-six march madness tournament. Larry beal was the other anchor. And i remember be nervous very nervous and i try to stay loose just like matthew dry. St louis need to stay loose. And i tried to prepare for it but the problem was is the games that i would be doing. The highlights of on this show were all happening. They're all happening all going down. I mean it's march madness. You know that you know games are nonstop the tipping off fifteen minutes field like and it feels like whenever you're watching it. That's what makes it so great. And i remember thinking to myself. How am i going to prepare for this. How can i stay loose. What am i going to do. And it was time to go down to the studio for my first ever sportscenter. And i had about twelve games of highlights in the show and add only the paperwork they give you a shot sheet to read off of in notes form knowing what shots are going to appear on the screen so you knew the information of who had the ball and what the score was and how much time is left on the clock and what have and so on and so forth so i had the paperwork and it only seen the highlight of one of the twelve that i had in the show. In other words. I would have to ad-lib eleven of the twelve highlights. I had in the show sight unseen like. Normally you would get this highlight. You'd look at it. you'd watch it. You'd go over it so you know what you might say when you say it on the aaron live tv and i remember thinking to myself walking down to the said i had two choices. That's i boil it down to two choices. Try to make it very easy for me to remain calm. And i remember thinking to myself to choices one was to suck it up and know that this was my dream moment and i had been betting on myself my entire life that i was waiting for this moment and it finally arrived albeit. Not what the attention to detail. That would have calmed my nerves or the preparation. That i wanted or ever envisioned. I would not have going down to the studio. That was choice. A choice b was to be down my leg. And i thought to myself. You know. that's choice it's Definitely not choice. Let's choose. And i don't know how the show went. I went well. I mean you know. I wasn't fired on the spot I was bouncing off the walls. But i just remember thinking to myself. I got two choices. One is to go with the flow. Go at the moment. Believe in yourself know that this moment that you've been waiting for your entire life has arrived and meet it. Meet the moment and the other choices to panic which might feel good at the time but never would work out in a million years.

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