Snoop Dogg rage-quits game, leaves Twitch on


It. Losing those frustrating Nobody likes it. But when you're hip hop Ogi, you probably have a much lower tolerance for getting your ass kicked than most regular gamers. Du That's why this week are failed. It goes out to Snoop Dog who ended up rage, quitting a Madden livestream after playing for only 15 minutes. I get it. I totally understand what you're playing like the computer again, somebody against other people. Alright, Fair enough. Fair enough. That's new dogs. Still the man in the while he's been known to talk a little trash about his mad and skills since he's a pretty good player. This time the trash was talk to him. Listen as he pulls the plug and bails obvious dream life. Oh, man. What the because you doing cause What is going on him. Snoop never quit out of the stream entirely and let the stream apply for another 7.5 hours while he went about smoking weed and playing classics from James Brown to Bruno Mars, his home stereo literally didn't not just rage quit out of the game. He just left the stream of plague. Weighing his like his room that he was in everything Come back to a DMC take. He was so

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