Is It Really Time to Get Rid of the Filibuster?


Then there's also a couple of gun control bills at the House approved Perry. I'm wondering if this is doomed in the Senate, and then if that's indicative of other bills that are going to go to the Senate over the next couple of years and only to die because moderate Democrats kill them. What do you think? Yeah. I mean, we're the background checks. Bill was passing the Democrats in the last house on the defensive, because last time, too, in 2019 or 29, pretty sure and also move. Know where we're headed toward this big fight. And this week we saw what I think. Is the biggest illustration of it and where it's going to become most central, which is that you have, you know, you have basically three blocks of Democrats. You have sort of more the most sort of left where Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster and like and jetted Supremes Supreme Court and just to do a lot of really liberal things. By getting rid of the old duster. You have the Joe Mansions and the Kristen Cinemas. The senators who are putting on Opposed to giving the bill Buster, But you saw this week what I think is an emerging vision among Democrats, which J, which James Clyburn and Stacey Abrams both raised their two of the most prominent black figures in the party, which is that you shouldn't give her the filibuster for everything, but you really need to get rid of the filibuster so you can pass voting rights bills that protect particularly people of colors right to vote and the ability to vote, particularly in response to all these bills moving in states like Georgia, that would make it harder to Votes, and I think the filibuster fight is going toe feel about a lot of issues, but it's really going to be about these voting rights issues where you're going to see a lot of like black Democrats pressuring mansion and cinema, particularly and saying, you know, on some level, you may want the filibuster in theory, but you cannot prioritize the filibuster over black voting rights. That's where we're headed toward. Is gonna be this real fight in the next few months in the Democratic Party and buying so far is trying to say his staff's been saying his preference is to keep the filibuster. You know, people have lots of purpose is in life that they don't necessarily abide by and I think he's signaling maybe some open this to some changes on issue himself.

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