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It is the legion of skanks. Podcast this is our second show we do for you now. Out of the goodness of our hearts I'm your host jay o. Kherson the skanks are all here. David smith what's up. This is the second show that we give you for free and seems to piss half of you off really. Yeah half the audience is like dude. You know these fucking zoom shows there so free sufri and you guys. You typically tightening up your schedules even more than before. Even the people that are doing it that are subscribing gas digital. We didn't raise the price of guests prescription. You just getting twice as much as gangs even if you think. It's half as good as legion of skanks. One hundred and fifty percent of allegiance. Gangs trouble showing my emotions. Don't have better than everything else. It's still funny most of those other broadcasts if we give you one one hundredth of what we give you on our monday episodes. It's still a hundred and one percent of legion of skanks. Everybody saying we were trying to aid in. The cancelling of krista leah. He's back this podcast back now. We're we're when we're done with them. Can i make something very clear. We were not trying to eight of the cancelled. I'm not even of. We were teasing his dumb apology. I don't want it to be cancelled. Let me make this as well. He could affect a bunch of kids. And i don't want to be cancelled shit. I'm so against cancel culture. I want murderers. Let out of jail if no one should pay. I'm gonna. I'm gonna be the go says if you fuck kids i would want cancelled the age. What's the cutoff for you. Will you want them cancelled. Let's say that the girl that seventeen is telling the truth comes out seventeen. Seventeen is legal in many jurisdictions many jurisdiction. I'm listening to you. Do you think the crista should be cancelled. Let's say he met up with her in a jurisdiction that it was not legal. You're saying but seventeen across the board seventeen. That's the age. Do you think he should be cancelled. No don't there. We go all right exactly exactly. So yeah. we're not. We're not a part of cancel culture. We're simply a part of the falcon what we were laughing. Why are you apologizing. You'd office said you've done nothing wrong or whatever but his things back. But i'll tell you what was really i've done nothing wrong and i'm deeply deeply. Sorry that's exactly what happened. Dudes a funny thing was like the next. After that came out his next post was so funny it was talking about how great it is to be faithful. Now there's nothing funnier than someone getting nailed cheating. And then i'll be honest with you. It's actually way better like not. Everything's so great. Now it's like. I don't have to like just publicly announcing all that shit it's like you're you're sorta sandbagging dudes and then if you do it again. It's like Opportunity might come up again and he might do it all over again. You know what i mean. But he's like sh- gus guys for all you out there. That are being pieces of shit. I used to be like you. But now i'm enlightened and you know this is. I don't know if he's really doing this. But it just. The perception is like he. I cancelled again and then it was just all pictures of him being a good dad ahead. Fucking bullet baby bulletproof vest. Here's a couple of pictures of me from my day. Here's one with me and my kid. This is me writing a check to charity. Gives me and my kid again. Hey guys anyway. Jim got jam out babies. I have to go that my newborns suckle on my teeth i give him the juice of life so did you listen to his podcast. I have not. But i didn't before either so i'm not cancelling him. I'm just keeping it. Yes as any podcasts. But i mean like That was so funny that people are just trying to get him cancelled. I much harder to get. I don't think he's not at all in fact if what he knew what he trying to get. Someone cancel fact what he's saying is true. I don't know what he was cancelled to begin with. I want to be his friend. Can we make this clear. I want i would join kristalina in the louis gomez crystal. Yeah project in a heartbeat. I would leave all of you behind louis. It's still the crystal lewis. J gomez project. let's get well. We'd have a debate. The louis j go. I think lewis shake new sounds better. You've closed the gap a little bit. But he's going to have to touch some more kids before. You're taking over. Chris and leah come before lewis and gomez in the you're gonna you're gonna get gang banged by a fucking preschool. If you wanna fuck have your name. I get on gang south south. I will reach out and see if he'll discuss you. Think you saw video and his now matt right. I leave my daughter at home. What is literally two years old for him. Yeah you're right. I don't think he's asking us. I think he has had more important. Shit gallon on who what celebrities have been pissed off at us. I know t j miller hates us. No that's real t. g. miller fucking hates us. What the whole mike harrington thing and. I watched ready player one last night. He was incredible in it. God damnit he's good he's fucking. He's a good talented. i like. Dj miller i'm a fan of tj miller. Why do you think he hates us. I don't think that's true. Because he said i hate them. We didn't let me say could have been like one of his very him. Like i told you say siriusxm towards the j. chase in denial j. I think she hates you. She's intimate she got a restraining order. That's just hard. That would be far that andy. Kaufman stirs up like weird. Fake that any kaufman thing. We're shoves bottles into girls pussies against their will andy kaufman That was a lesser known. Fact about andy kaufman. But who showed the bottle of someone's pussy you don't remember the whole handyman off man and then it turned out. None of it was real house. Jim the yeah it was. It was a joke for him like he raped. Oh yeah eddie. Carpenter raped a woman with a bottle. Everything seems like brutal and vicious. And he's like i know it's just like a thing he's like it wasn't really funny for anyone else but it was funny for me so he the guy you got the people that get Really got to remember the t. j. miller anything from a few years ago where he got tom.

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