Eddie Fox, Stephen Broderick And Congresswoman Maxine Waters discussed on WIBC Programming


I'm Mary course. Eddie Fox News. A search is underway for former sheriff's deputy wanted in the fatal shooting of three people in Austin, Texas, officials say it isn't known that the suspect was still in the city police said. Those who live near where the shooting happened late Sunday morning no longer had to shelter in place, but they should remain vigilant. Officials are searching for 41 year old Stephen Broderick, who they say is armed and dangerous. Meanwhile, Minnesota protests amid the death of Dante right, see a new protester on the scene. Congresswoman Maxine Waters injected herself into the Protest advocating the George Floyd justice and policing at which did pass the house. She called Republicans racist, told protesters to stay in the street and get more confrontational. Now protesters have been gathering were gathering across the nation, one place to mention a Sacramento where they gathered regarding both of Dante right case here and the atom to Lehto case in Chicago. Least found bags of rocks at the scene. There was some vandalism. Four police officers were hospitalized after they're hit with some kind of chemical irritant. Fox's Mike Tobin and people gathered around Chicago to remember a 13 year old boy fatally shot by a police officer and to call for changes in policing and an end to gun violence. Sunday's events followed the release of body camera footage showing Chicago police officer Eric Stillman shoot Adam Toledo less than a second after the boy dropped a gun turned toward the officer and began raising his hands and distribution of the Johnson and Johnson. Vaccine has been paused after six women who received the shot developed blood clots and one died while appearing Sunday on ABC is this week, White House chief medical advisor Dr Anthony felt she was asked when a decision might be made on whether or not to resume J and J distribution. I believe we'll get back with it, and it might be some restrictions, not sure what that will be, whether they'll be age or sex or whether they'll just come back. With a warning of some sort. A CDC advisory panel is expected to meet this week. America is listening to Fox News. Fuck station presents podcasts. Women of the Bible Speak I'm Shannon Bream, host of Fox News at night and author of the new book. Women of the Bible. Speak the wisdom of 16 Women and their lessons for today where I examine the timeless stories of women in the Bible. Join me and some of my friends for this limited podcast series as we discuss what it means to be a

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