A highlight from April 18, 2020: Faith Matters? Part 1


A few weeks ago the gallup organization released some research that i found to be shocking. Not necessarily surprising. Mind you because the trends have been clear for a while but shocking nonetheless for this Middle-aged man who has spent the entire his entire life in the church half a century. Now you may have seen the headlines for the first time since they started asking the question. Gallup reported that. The percentage of americans who consider themselves to be members of a church synagogue or mosque dropped below fifty percent when they first asked this question in one thousand nine thirty seven. Seventy three percent of americans belonged to a local congregation of some kind and that number actually remained pretty steady for sixty years by the late nineties. It was still seventy percent but since the turn of the twenty first century. That number has been dropping precipitously today. Only forty seven percent of americans consider themselves to be members of a church synagogue or mosque which i find shocking and this is not just about membership per se by every measure attendance. Giving self identification. America's connection organized religion has been sharply waning for twenty years now today americans who consider their religion to be quote unquote very important to them has fallen to an all time. Low of forty eight percent which means that those of us who take our faith seriously are now officially in the minority in this country. Now there are some some caveats to this. Of course i. The statistics vary some by region. I'm assuming for example that the number of people here in plano who consider themselves to be members of a church. Synagogue or mosque is somewhere well north of forty seven percent. Probably not surprisingly. I personally do not know anyone in my social circle who is not a member of the local congregation or at least not. Anyone admits it also. These numbers vary by age demographic. That probably won't surprise you for those born before. Nineteen forty six. The number jumps to sixty six percent at declines steadily from there for baby boomers. It's fifty eight percent for my own gen-x. It's fifty percent for millennials head drops to thirty six percent. Time will tell how many of the thirty youth we confirmed last weekend will remain connected in the years to come. I think it's important for me to say here that that is a pastor. I don't see this as a doom and gloom situation here at christ united. We're part of an incredibly strong community of faith that makes a real difference in transforming both our own lives and the lives of our community. That's part of our our mission statement. We have an incredible foundation to build on here. We have thousands of members who are committed to this place. We have dedicated staff and lay leaders. Who are dreaming about what comes next for our congregation. Plus from a purely selfish some might say competitive perspective.

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