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With brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. Happy monday broncos country and glad to be back with you here on the broncos daily podcast some time off because little restructuring of some of my responsibilities on a daily basis but also got a big podcast in the works. It should be dropping in the coming weeks at everybody. Broncos country i know is going to be excited about. I can't tell you anymore yet but is on the horizon. The wheels are in motion. And it's going to be really really big. There's a chance that it becomes the most popular. Podcast in broncos country. I'll leave it at that. And there's obviously some great ones. I know i've got loyal listeners. Here broncos country. Tonight's podcast is really good and there's some other ones certainly are. Dvr do a really good job. And bowman cody. Rhodes does a good job with lockdown broncos too but this podcast will be very unique and have a chance to be really really really something cool. So i'm looking forward to that. We are ten days away from twelve days away. I guess from thirteen. I guess penalty do math from the start of the nfl draft. And i wanted to look at each team ahead of the broncos leading up to the draft while as as talks broncos so today trae lances produce at north dakota state and pat shurmur there again last time last week he went with justin fields to he went to see just field. Aj who's Head of pro personnel tagged along. But i think there's a chance of maybe shurmur. Their solo watching trae lines second pro day. And what's funny about. The broncos is rhino holler and talk to george payton in the denver post and he said we could move up. We could go back with the same place. What john said every year and george is going to talk to us later this week in a in a press conference at the ucla training center and it should be easy training. I guess we'll see it could be on zoom but just like john. Elway always did sometime the week before the draft will also see losses. See george peyton. Press conference but john got really good at saying. Yeah we stick. It are spot last year. Obviously they were picking fifteen. We stay at fifteen we can move up. We can move. We move back. We're keeping all our options open. George payton said that to ryan o'halloran basically i'm paraphrasing and then albert breer separately for peace said. The broncos are a team that could be lurking that in the quarterback market that some people think they may move up as high as four. Drank a quarterback. Peter king says they're more likely than teddy bridgewater market talking to the people i've talked to. I think that's the way they're going to go to. I think everything happens at nine. They the best player available. That could be an offensive. Lineman a rashaan slater that could be any of the corners advocate for that whichever corner is their favorite of all three of their take one or trade back if somebody really wants one of those corners and you like the linebackers. You like mike. Parsons are you like. Let me see if i can get his name right jeremiah. Awo sue core amoah jock. I think is what they call them. i'm close on that and i'll i'll have it. They draft him. I'll have it. Just like we've got alfred bonham so i think that if you had to tell me between now and next thursday to lay money on draftking sportsbook my preferred betting partner and sportsbook app than i. I would say that they trade back stick at nine or trade back. They're not they're not gonna move up. I want to go day by day. Leading up to it will no weekdays on. I know that i've maybe failed a few of you but it wasn't intentional. It was as i was working through a couple of things. And and trying to figure out exactly what this podcast would be and how it would supplement and complement the other podcasts at. That's going to be coming down the pike here soon. But we'll do jags today. Jets tomorrow and so on and so forth through the draft order leading up to next thursday's we get you ready for the first round of the draft and to see what the broncos are going to do with that number nine pick so i had a chance to talk to from the believe jaguars podcasts. My man phil. Smith was nice enough to kind of take us through how excited people are in jacksonville about trevor lawrence. Coming in and everything that comes with that in an urban meyer being there. So phil smith at fill the filipino on twitter at believe in jags pod podcast company. That does a lot a great podcast. Cross a lotta. They've got a podcast about every team in in the nfl a bunch of nba podcast baseball than they've got league-wide podcasts. Much of college podcasts I'm in braun that owns it. is brother-in-law's with arthur. Smith of the falcons but been for a long time And so they do. They do good. Works so believe in. jags podcasts. At fill the filipino. Phil smith here. Talking with me mixture. Give him a unity. What's going on all things jags. But we got into everything related to drive lawrence and urban meyer. So without further ado. Here's me and phil smith bill. The filipino talking. Jags on the broncos daily podcast

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