Why Youre Overwhelmed in your Online Fitness Business


Case so today. We're talking about overwhelm. Why you're overwhelmed in your fitness business now. I'm overwhelmed with something that i'm extremely familiar with because i when i was building my coaching. Business you guys. This is back in two thousand and seventeen. Sixteen in my business started to grow rapidly. I think my business almost grew faster than i knew how to keep up with. Because i started online coaching when i was like twenty two twenty three years old and when i started growing and gaining clients unlike like acquiring more people in my coaching business. It's almost like i had to learn how to figure out how to run the business while acquiring these clients and my business grew a lot faster than i was used to. My business grew a lot faster than i could handle. Frankly so i remember at the peak of my online coaching career. When i really started to get overwhelmed is when it had fifty one on one on fitness. Coaching clients. I also had six trainers that working for me. I started nation. This is an exaggeration. You guys when. I was working my coaching business. I would wake up at six. Am and i would start working on my coaching business like replying the dmz applying instagram dmz etc etc. And i wouldn't stop working on my on their business until nine pm every day and the only breaks that i would take is like an hour to work out at the gym. Put our jim vilma fucking phone the whole time texting by our break at the gym and then outbreak to eat food but even while i was eating food i was always working. So if i wasn't working on my own clients than i had seven trainers that i was mentoring and they each had ten twenty thirty clients and i was running team meetings and it was like you know it was a lot and so the peak of my overwhelming i. Obviously my goal isn't to get you guys there. But i wanna make you aware of what happens if you don't get a handle on it. The peak of my overwhelm was win. I there was one day. I remember my business. My business partner cole. Remember this there was one day. I woke up and i looked at my phone and i was like. I can't do this anymore. I can't look at my phone anymore. i'm completely done. I remember calling my business partner. I'm like i'm done. I'm not working for an entire week. He's like what he's like. You got fifty clients. I know i was like i. Can't i looking literally looking at my phone. Gave me anxiety like looking at my phone. As soon as i looked at my phone instantly panic like just talking about anxiety. Like i don't know how many of you guys have ever had a panic attack before looking at my phone straight up gave me a panic attack like i was like freaking out like heart was beating faster like i couldn't handle it anymore so after six weeks straight of working from six am to nine pm like fucking done. I'm not doing this anymore. Like i can no longer take this. I'm sick of it i'm done. I'm exhausted. It's over so i just didn't work for literally week. And at the end of that week. I ended up realizing that. I'd taken way too much on my plate and this was when i decided to fold all of my clients i literally had fifty one on. I finished clients. I fired all of them and just mentioned my trainers for five months and that was literally the start. pt dot. because after i fired all my clients i was just mentoring. My athletic trainers and i did that for a period of like five six months and then after mentoring transfer five or six months i finally realized. Why don't i just do this instead. So i decided to start. Pd domination anyways so. Let's talk about overwhelm. Let's talk about over one. Because once i made this mistake once and i like overwhelm to the point of having a panic attack and crashing and not being able to work. Which guys if you're in on visco coaching listening right now. And you're feeling overwhelmed. You might not be in a panic attack level yet but that's where it ends up like. That's the extreme end of

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