Houston day laborers suffer wage theft in post-winter Storm Work


In the wake of the winter freeze day laborers and other immigrant workers are already reporting incidents of wage theft. Is they help houstonians recover. Elizabeth trove all has more on. How many of the storm's second responders are in positions that are easy to exploit houston's fay who st. A worker center has received reports of people going unpaid for their work after making repairs after the winter storm. The group's legal manager jessica. Da's says they're expecting to see more claims she says it's part of a pattern she seen in houston disaster after disaster people new day laborers and the workers put themselves into vulnerable positions to secure job. It's a no question kind of scenario right. You just get in the car. Whoever gets in the car Get the job right. You don't even ask how much you're gonna pay you. You don't even ask about blair who they are. Where they're taking new gives says over the past year. Her organization has received reports of over three hundred thousand dollars of unpaid wages in the area from two hundred workers. I'm elizabeth travel in

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