Joe Cheer, Dr. Anthony Fauci And FEMA discussed on Tony Katz Weekend


And Google Hole on 93 Wi be CEOs, Yv CHT one words of caution from the White House chief medical adviser. I'm Joe cheer of Fox News. As more states consider widespread re openings. Dr. Anthony Fauci believes it could be too early if you have a baseline of infection. That is quite high. And if you look at the numbers, we're not out of the woods. Yet when you pull back on all mitigation methods on all public health guidelines. That's when you get into trouble. And history has proven that bounty on Fox News Sunday states like Texas and Mississippi of dropped restrictions entirely, while others air considering doing so FEMA's been directed to help process and shelter the record number of unaccompanied Children crossing the southern border illegally. This is a big deal that FEMA is getting involved. It shows that the administration now cannot ignore the influx of unaccompanied Children at the southern border. No question about this at all Homeland security sector. Terri Olly 100, New York has made this announcement yesterday that he's directing FEMA to shelter and take care of these unaccompanied Children for at least the next 90 days. Thanks Is David spun current housing facilities have been overwhelmed by the search. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio again is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign amid harassment allegations Mere de Blasio on CBS's face, the Nation painted Governor Cuomo as a politician used to getting his way It's been almost an imperial governors. But I gotta tell you, the folks in this state and the political leadership don't believe anymore. Mayor de Blasio offered a prediction that a Cuomo resignation won't come until State politicians act. I think he will be impeached and perhaps right. Before that he'll decide to resign. Governor Cuomo continues to say he touched no woman inappropriately. Seven women accused him of doing so functions. Gurnal, Scott. America is listing of Fox News. Like three d w Y PC mobile news on the level on the go, murder filled March weekend. I'm Donny Burgess. Here's what's trending this hour. About 8 15. Saturday night,

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