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I love. Everyone's everyone's so polite. So let's let's meet everybody individually alphabetically. Starting with a kyle. Eyars is here. Hello kyle what was good to be here again. You're there returning champ. That's right you You won silly games last week and so you're here again and of course You're the host of the habits. Seen it odd cast which is named after your general General knowledge level general trivia knowledge level. Exactly yeah i think one last week because everyone else missed enough questions that the victory points fell to me and i'll take that all it comes down to strategy sometimes but i really I thought i was bringing real ringer. When when a guy's hosting a podcast about movies i think. Oh this guy. He's going to move. The show is called having seen it and it really is about a people not see. He's never seen it is a pocket. I have comedians rewrite movies. They've never seen so. It's like what we put a lot of effort into not watching things now. Listen i really need you to consider changing it to have seen that like being wrong. I could do that. I could just change the title. I'd appreciate it. You gotta get bumped in the alphabet you you know. When you're listed alphabetically advent comes blame for never But leads me your competitors today starting with the letter b. That of course is paget brewster. Hello paget hello in what. I listened to Last week's show. So i know who i'm up against and what's going to happen. Oh did you feel like you rake. Show oh thanks is and you feel like you see you know what Kyle's all about. Yeah but i think he's going to beat me all right though. I like your realistic attitude. Thank you zooming lot together lately because the both of us are part of the dream team over art and marines. Will you really. Where would you will you million acceptance around. Yeah almost screwed that one up to and of course your recent guests on wide world ducks so thank you for for joining us over here and oh well thank you. Have you your mail. Promotional tear lately. Tell us about what you're promoting. Oh hey guys. Sunday nights at midnight on adult swim. There's a new cartoon called bird girl From the creators of harvey birdman attorney at large in the vein of space. Ghost in harvey birdman is an irreverence office. Comedy with a lot of chasing bed technological creations and robbers. And there's a character that's a cat with bird mask on it. Sh- do record your You know your lines for this program in the same spot. You're sitting right now now. They say what they want. Something much more high tech. I bet if my sound that bad what do i do know. Pick your sounds great. That's why i thought. I thought we were just gonna talk about. Isn't it funny that you you're on this big show and you recorded in the same place. You're coding my dump show but turns out. I was wrong about that so sorry yeah no. That's that's in a padded booth a little tiny booth. That's where i record that stuff. That's where you go whenever like feeling a little crazy. What no. I have to record like real. I hope i'm laying on the couch like we did with douglas. I mean i'm wide world of doug's which i thought was so it's so nice to do a zoom not unfortunate. I mean i would like to see everybody but at the same time it also feels very intimate to just do audio. So i feel like it's a therapy session. I'm laying sideways. On a hsieh's i think that'd be awesome to have a panic room that has had because you got you got something to do while you're in there so like running into the walls of be five also joining us today. The letter c. I don't think i've ever had guests. His last name's lineup. Abc like this. It's so i get excited about strange things these days but Cash is back. Hello iowa how loud Health threat to anyone in this coroner. That's part of the fun is that you all have absolute no You know you're all only only you're gonna lose today. That's that's an exciting kind of competition to me. Bad i think is the real competition. Who's it who is going to be the best loser. Also i guess for the record. I'm in full. Beat like i did not know this was just. This was just audio so like i have lip gloss eyeliner. I did not brush my hair but you know put on clothes very disappointed. No one seeing. Us effort. Do you wanna turn your video on. I'd like to see you know because they've now it's going to be a disappointment. I mean i do have eyeliner on but my full beat is not is not a not bad glam not just to show paget for a second of spoken of it so wait hold on. I even had the ring light which gives me a headache here. My so impressed. i'll show you. I look like shit actor still coming up. Have to work it out. Oh hello oh that's great. It's great fabulous. The ring light saves us all invests in arena stock early on. Well yes thank you for dressing and

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