A highlight from INFAMOUS: #ChallengeAccepted

Crime Junkie


Crime junkies. I'm your host ashley. Flowers and i'm bread and the story i have for you today actually came to my attention. Not through fans suggestions from you just getting like obsessed like i do sometimes but actually from hashtag. Where do you remember last summer there. Was this challenge going around where women were posting black and white photos of themselves with the hashtag challenge accepted. Yeah actually. I have a very vivid memory of like sitting in your office being like what is this. Yeah so it was supposed to be this whole women's empowerment thing where you show your support for the women around you by posting a black and white selfie and then you would tag. Someone nominate them and so on right like a chain letter but right well. It went totally viral tons of celebrities. Posted carrie washington. Jennifer gardner was everywhere. A we're not celebrities but we both got nominated to do it as well and again. I remember having this conversation with you and being like this can't just be like whoa what's missing. What am i missing right. so like. don't get me wrong. Women supporting women. Yes like all the clap hands. But i just have this feeling like where is this coming from. Who's behind this. And honestly when i started digging i kind of expected it to be a marketing campaign for like dove or something. That wasn't it. All it turns out we were missing something. Because when you and i actually looked into it we learn that the message behind the black and white selfie kind of got totally bastardized and the real meaning got completely lost in the mix hashtag challenge accepted was about something much darker than those beautiful black and white photos would have you believe. The challenge actually started in turkey in the summer of twenty twenty and the whole point was to call attention to the issue of domestic violence and femicide as a way to help rally support and hopefully to get the attention of turkish lawmakers. Now this is not a new issue in turkey in twenty twenty. Just like it's not a new issue here but there was a catalyst and the story. I want to tell you. Today is the story of two young

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