The Underdogs Who Outraced the Nazis

Past Gas


The year is nineteen thirty to rally racer lucy o'reilly shell her husband and co-pilot laurie fellow ralliers hector petite and shock marciniak a reporter for the parisian leisure. No have just left sundsvall in their black bugatti t four four making their way to the monte carlo rally starting line sweden blurry quickly pilots the car through the thick arctic fog cautiously aware of the four inch thick lack ice below them. Suddenly the tire chains failed to catch the body as it veers and then glides into the air about take flight before anyone in the car can even scream the bugatti snacks forcefully into a snowbank florian lucy make sure their passengers are uninjured and then address the real issue. The team needs to make it to a man before the rally is set to begin or they won't be permitted to compete. Lucy shell the five foot four norm defying rally driver. This is not a face shield. Allow her car mates to entertain long. Lucy sends hector jacques off to look for a nearby farmhouse for health. Then she and lori begin to desperately hacked the snow with their picks and shovels. It is one o'clock in the morning. Thirty below zero and they're stuck in the middle of a pine forest at least ten miles from the nearest village. Though the to realize their seemingly insurmountable odds the shells need to free their body and continue to rally as planned the show of nasty turn out to be routine for lucy riley show the sports car driving heiress though later. Put together a team of unlikely heroes to beat hitler. At one of his favourite games motor sport

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