A highlight from Episode 45A Josh & Rose Foreman The Scarred King


Should check it out. So sit back and listen to today's discovered word Smith and welcome to another episode of this is a good word Smith's and we are getting really close to episode 50 and I had some great ideas for episode 50. I wanted to interview some people some authors that were successful. As far as they were full-time authors, they wrote and were able to support themselves through their writing and get some feedback from them find out about their books. What makes their books successful that sort of thing. Well, then it turned into long interviews with each one of these people that I couldn't edit it down to just ten minutes each and make it an episode with them for six of them. I've got several episodes now just with successful authors, which is a little different for me. Then I had the great idea. Well, what about other readers what a readers wage like and what with their books so I interviewed some people that are very big readers and we're going to have them on the podcast and that's quite a bit different than I've heard. A lot of podcast. One of them is six years old. So that's going to be an interesting podcast. And then I also have Tara from Cobo coming up. So my plans were to just have a 50th episode that celebrated things and and then go back to the normal interviewing authors. But I think we're going to see a lot over the next 10 to 20 episodes of differences with some successful authors and with some Palm readers and I'll still throw in some new Authors with new books for everyone to listen to so just be aware of things are changing up a little bit and look for the changes and enjoy them. So for today, I have a mother and son team Josh and Rose Foreman. They write fantasy together and Josh definitely has ideas for a complete world. So sit back listen to Josh in Rose Foreman. Well, welcome to another episode of discovered Wordsmith. And today I have Jaja And Rose, how are you guys doing today? Very good. Oh, how am I doing? Except for allergies? I'm doing fine. Well, that's bad enough to leave me. I know that I have had allergies my whole life. This is interesting for me because you guys are not only the first Co-op writing partners that I've interviewed, but you're also family so I get the interview a mother and son team I think that's pretty cool and we'll probably talk a little bit about that. It takes a lot of patience. I'm Joshua it's part. Oh, he's not saying anything. So we'll just leave that there. All right. So Josh and Rose tell me a little bit about each one of you a little bit about what you like to do when you're not writing. How about you go first mom. I Garden a lot of the time the computer got it. And she has always transformed any landscape that we lived in into a giant garden with the most variety of plants that the biome can possibly support. I think that's a good way to describe her name. Well Rose is true. I don't go to public gardens much anymore because mine looks as good as there's Rose you'd probably get along with my father growing up. He turned most of our yard and we've got a couple of Acres but he turned most of it into Garden. So there was Gardens everywhere. So you probably get along with him very well. So, what about you Josh? Where where do you live? What do you like to do? Well, we both live in the Pacific Northwest. I'm near Seattle and she's in Vancouver just north of Portland and so off we have a lot of dark rainy Winters. I'm mostly a homebody. I do a lot of video games and T and movies when I'm usually off. Multitasking I'm watching those in the background while I'm developing on our Tails from Calif our series or recording our YouTube videos or updating one of the 12 different social media platforms. We're on so very very busy. My my day job is I work on video games is currently working on a game called Blancos block party, which is a big sort of party game where everyone gets together with what appear to be collectible vinyl figures and run around and play games together. Nice. And do you have a company you work for or you just do this on your own?

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