What else is better to do But talk baseball on a Sunday morning with you,


Hello, everybody. Good morning. It is Sunday Baseball. My favorite day of the week. We get to sit back and reflect a little bit on our baseball season, which will be 162 games this year. So get ready. There's gonna be a lot of ups and downs, and right now the Giants are going very well. Get the Big three run homer from Brandon Crawford yesterday after a couple of walks in the Colorado bullpen, and they have taken the serious from the Rockies and they go for the sweep today. Every day's weird, funny on the hill and her mind Marquez for the Colorado Rockies bill asking Good morning. How are you? I'm doing good Marty three game winning streak. That's the key on this to Syria's wins one once against the Padres. And, of course, the Rockies looking for a sweet today and a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we're gonna have appear in the Bay Area and What else is better to do But talk baseball on a Sunday morning with you, but I love it on a Sunday. Hey, bullpens. They remember Frankie Fresh, the old the old third basement for the Giants and the Cardinals. There was a manager. And he had a very famous saying he would say them bases on balls and let me tell you, but Black had to be saying that in his sleep last night. He's been watching a lot of it from this rocky staff, and, sure enough it at hampered him again, and Crawford took advantage of it. And, you know, the blue by Dickerson in the third inning, got less tell in and I thought that was a real big run just to get some excitement in that crowd again. And sure enough, the Crawford home run got him in their feet and standing and place was rocking with only 8000 people. Very good standings right now. Dodgers Air seven and to the Padres had when yesterday six and three on Lee four innings out of Paddock, San

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