The End of the Universe With Sarafina Nance


Surfing vital to the survival of the species wall. That's a big question. Let's see I i think it's really important to ask big questions that anchor us and our perspective in the context of the universe so we can understand a little bit more about where we come from how we got here and you know whether we're alone weather How we can sort of traverse the cosmos and explore the rest of the universe so sort of these big questions that to me inform. Our humanity are really important to evolving as as cheesy and retaining a semblance of humanity as we move forward. I like it though his. We'll take words. Well that's perfect cool. You'll never be faulted for a lot of words this cast all i do is just ramble. On my editors god damnit another one. Yeah cool brought not alone. So let's get into this thing. Let's start by setting some context for folks surfing. How is the actual universe going to end. So the universe ghosts through different stages as it evolves and towards the edmonds the fate of the universe is basically that it is going to continue expanding and accelerating eating expansion forever and at that point so you know where hundreds of billions of years in the future. The space between each celestial object is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and stretch until you have isolated stars and you have isolated planets and everything sort of cools and fades away until we're left to be plunged into darkness. Sounds like my typical friday.

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