Scottish Election 2021: SNP Hopes of Majority Remain on a Knife Edge


The united kingdom voted in local elections yesterday while scotland chose the next parliament with potentially huge implications for the future of the union. Well for more on this. I'm joined by katie bulls. The spectators political editor katie. Welcome to monocle twenty four. Let's begin in the most significant areas. Scotland wherein snp victory could be a catalyst for the uk's disintegration. Do you think that nicholas sturgeon. The first minister can hold onto her job. Do we have any results that indicate that so far so in terms of the scotland at results. I think it's gonna mean much clearer by the end of the day today. And if it's close it doesn't look it estimate comfortable Majority between is what Once she's staked her reputation on then. It could drag veto tomorrow morning. dementia scraped together a majority. If it's come to lose by this evening at intended the results forgets against much places. I caught the poo and kansas in england. Bit scotland I think is the most high stakes will the uk government because if nikola session can get majority in there is a even a wider pro-independence majority which could actually be more difficult for the uk government than it just being smp one. It presents an issue in the sense. What does boris yeltsin say about this request for a second independence referendum. We know he doesn't want to grant one but as much debate in western says to the best to do not saying never when then. When is the right time if it's not

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