Private Undisclosed Emails Leaked From the Mueller Investigation

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Got another three hundred pages or so of underlying mueller investigation emails and texts and memos and in them we learned that don jr. vodka and kushner way more involved in russia talks than previously known at least to the public. I mean we knew Ivanka reportedly informed a co co-chair of her father campaign that her brother don jr. could make recommendations for military advisers while kushner offered details about his private meetings with henry kissinger We also learned that in january. Twenty seventeen manafort. Send an email to katy mcfarland. That's flynn's number two Saying i have some important information. I wanna share with you that i picked up my travels over the last month. Well she manafort was already you know knee deep in shit by this point she immediately fired off an email to flint. Saying hey given all. That's going on. Meet with them. And flynn said i would not be with him until we're in the hot seats unknown who he is working for and perception would not be good especially now they even knew it. They even knew it the record show. Flynn soliciting trump strategist bannon as far back as september twenty fifteen before bannon officially joined the campaign steve. He wrote just reaching back out. Let me know if mr trump needs any help with national security intel an intel community issues of foreign policy. So that's i think flynn's i reach out that december. He wrote corey lewandowski. And said i wanted to send this to you this past week but had forgotten shared a link to an article from russia state run sputnik news quoted. Flynn saying the. Us must work with russia and arab countries to defeat isis. He said this is an f. y. But something trump should at least be aware of. I have been very outspoken. On the issue at this point in the conflict with our current administration has run out of good options. also i met with president putin last thursday in moscow. We actually sat at dinner together. Merry christmas

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