Talent Photographing Talent. James Anthony and his Hollywood Shutter


James anthony welcome to the show man. How's it going. Thank you look. Everything is good good good to Speak to create another shooter out here but yeah thanks to me about you and i spoke about a week ago and when we had that conversation you were right on the heels literally running in the house from the oscars right you dislike literally set down and zoom coming from an oscar party or from something oscar related less before we dive into your background. Let's start there. Let's let's do you know how the in films since you're you're in tinseltown down there in films deals often start a movie halfway through the movie and then go back to the beginning. Let's start air. What was that. Like as a photographer shooting the oscars and being having that level of access well a little bit of surreal. A little bit of lag. Yeah should be here. You know like. I put a so. It's always that dance whereas like what this is crazy. And then as i know you've been putting in blood sweat and tears over year so this is where you should be so it's twenty when those moments kind of take over but a just working with the talent that i was working with regina king on our everything is out there but posing the photos regina king in awesome talented actress in director oscar. Award-winning actress indiana. I'm shooting her in hers. Her sweet and then aldus hodge who is also equally talented actor in also one of the stars of her film. When night in miami he comes in unexpectedly to me but then he jumps in the some of the shots in wherever the capture. Some almost between regina and and em would just work with a talent like hers in being also in the presence of the brand that of the drugs issues wearing so you had louis vuitton rep there You had your in correspondence. Virtually with vogue because their wait. They're waiting for the first drop of the images so a little bit of pressure just knowing that you have to go in there execute Had these images ready as soon like these images had to be ready edited within forty five minutes of me

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