Arsenal Stumble out of Europa League



How bad we're asking today. They will awful. I forty five minutes was terrible. Done for to make it. He wrote a leak fond. Louis no aggression about that. There was getting around the pitch. It was all really slow and pedestrian. Or i thought they had a decent going in the last ten fifteen minutes of the game but that was just desperation. They were way off eiffel over the two legs. I thought they would have went through. I thought it'd be to pacey l'oreal they will naive in the first leg. You try to be too small to cut up. Because that's playing a false nine tonight. You still awfully took young off with ten minutes to go brought lockers on one or play. The pair william came on had no effect whatsoever that brought eddie and are on on the not minutes for three or four minutes of the game so all in all to the real tell you deserve to go through. Explain this theory semifinal of the aropa league your only chance cancer the champions the and you come out and you in turgid performance. I'm afraid you have to look at the monitor. You know the fact that don't said other than a little florida with ten fifteen minutes to go at the end really in such a big game. I'm sorry we can. We can say that players have to motivate themselves. When they're on the field they have to get gone and this is their responsibility but say before the game the mine you should have been thrown the through every single one of them winding them up maintenance shirley new home important game was making shielding you important. It was to start the game war. Mccan shooting you important was to put pressure on villa. We up none of those things happen to fifteen minutes to go on. Shed mean not that has to be done to tetra coaching stuff. It's not a bad teams shot when you look at the qualities of expensive players arab bamiyan pathway thomas party of course soccer up and coming english attacker a lot of excitement around the him but there was just nothing nothing osmose perspective even a little excited about. Today

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