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He's one and three with a six point Oh, 70 are a 24 strikeouts He will face Aaron Scivally probably butchered the name. On the throttle, and Bronson Arroyo will make it better. I'm sure he's a foreigner record so far with 3.20 U R a 28 strikeouts for the Reds leading off Next scent cells and center Jesse Winker, the man, one of those big sticks in the big leagues, eyes, the dhe bet. Second cut still on us. He's in right, batting third, The Moose Mike moussaka back at first in for Vado. He's on the injured list. He's a cleanup hitter Au Hanno Suarez back at third again in the five hole, Tyler Nay Quinn and left about six Tyler Stevenson to Tyler's back to back behind the plate. Uh, didn't uh, Barnhart a little bit of a break. A batting seventh. Kyle Farmer back it. Short bats. Eighth. Jonathan, India at second. Who's just fun to watch. Generally speaking, just amazing defensively. If we get that back going, he will bat ninth. Straightaway the pregame show yet I'll get you ready for Reds and Indians part due this weekend, Syriza maybe another no hitter. It's possible it could happen. It's not likely just 17 in the history of this red franchise, but we'll see how it goes. I'll talk to center. The lighter reds baseball is coming up. Bronson Arroyo Tommy throng with the call 16 1st pitch and get you ready for now is yet I'm sterling. And this has been the Arnold Carriers inside Pitch on

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