Jaslin Kaur, Candidate for New York City Council District 23


Skinner. This is the electorate on this episode. Have a conversation with just lean core candidate for new york city council district. Twenty-three does lean has lived in this community for her entire life and she's really passionate about fighting for the working people. There we start our conversation off with just leeann explaining what drives her leadership and why she was inspired to run for office in the first place. So here is just linkohr. So you're running for city council district. Twenty-three in queens. Was there a particular issue in your community that pushed you to run something that made you angry. Something that you're passionate about. What pushed you into this race. Yeah for me. I never saw myself as someone who wanted to run for office. But i think i was really just tired of having a kind of government. That doesn't actually respond to the working people so for me. I am the daughter of a taxi driver. My dad has been a taxi driver for nearly thirty years. Now but we have been dealing with a taxi medallion debt crisis for about seven years at this point. And so i look back at points in my life like back. In two thousand fourteen where the markets were being inflated artificially by medallion brokers who really preying on a majority of immigrant working class people who thought that a taxi medallion would be a really worthwhile. Investment was worth a mill- a million dollars back in the ninety s and into the early two thousands so in that market we came under almost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt almost overnight and it is devastating for so many families that are close to us our neighbors our family friends and when you look at the state of our city these are the kinds of workers who generate worth of revenue. I city but don't have pension don't have a retirement fund and get people like my father who are sixty two years old and still working these fourteen hour shifts in the middle of a pandemic. So i see myself as somebody who really wants to champion the rights of many of our gig economy workers who have just been categorically left out of political process. How does this

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