Vaccines vs Variants: Will They Work?

Science Vs


Today on the show. Where pinning facts against visor and medina and johnson and johnson and astra zeneca. Yes more and more of us getting out shots and so we want to know. Will these vaccines save us or is the virus about to outsmart us again. Hey science versus. I got my first Ouchi a few weeks ago. We asked signs vessels listeners. What it was like to finally get the job. I received the first dose of my pfizer vaccine. My first dose of the moderna vaccine. Johnson and johnson one and john. When they gave me the shot. I was like tell me. When it's done in there like we already did it. And over and over again we had one word to describe how people felt relief relief. Just the relief and started crying in the waiting area. That just feels like word stepping out from under the dark cloud. I feel like i can actually breathe again. But at the same time there was a lot of confusion after all cases at taking up in the us and other parts of the world. I'm still nervous about that. Return to normal when they get full. Immunity is it safe to do exactly if i'm still nervous about possibly carrying the virus and giving it to someone unvaccinated and meanwhile we're hearing more and more about new mutations in this virus but some are saying can make it more deadly and help it spread foster and now people are wondering. Wait a sec if this virus is changing these vaccines we just got even gonna work.

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