A highlight from MISSING: Esther Hollis

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On september thirteenth. Two thousand eleven in bloomington indiana which is like this college town. That's about an hour hour and a half from where. I'm sitting right now in indy. This woman named natalie stare at is her favorite restaurant waiting for her very best friend. Esther hollis to come meet her now. Everyone calls esther by her nickname. St like calling her. esther would be like me calling. You britney yeah. Let's not do that. I saw on twitter the other day. Someone was like in an old episode. You called britney and it honestly like took me by surprise never even considered that her name was anything other than just think even said that person like most of my friends don't even realize my name is brittany. Used to be honest natalie an st honestly they sound a lot like you and me brett like they grew up together. They've been best friends since forever regardless of anything else. That's going on in their lives. They make it a point to get together every single tuesday night for just like solid. Bff time they meet up at the olive garden. They have dinner. They have wine. We'd be split a desert top life all the inside jokes like that. No one else could understand. I love it. Yeah it totally sounds like our wednesday night dollar mark place that we went to literally day after our jobs for an amount of time and amount of marks that i am just going to keep to myself for now That much marks now at thirty two would probably knock me a little bit. Yeah we might die for sure so on this particular night. S d is running leapt. Now natalie waits for fifteen minutes

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