A highlight from How CDPR Hopes to Come Back After Cyberpunk 2077's Launch - Beyond Episode 694



We talk about all the playstation news from the last week because normally playstation likes to drop it as soon as we finish recording the show and speaking of that of course playstation plus games are going to get announced this week. I don't know what they are yet. I'm sorry we'll talk about them next week. I hope they're good games. But we do have plenty to talk about this week. including cyberpunk Goes to shema movie news. Erection client bs five patch and a lot more but before we get to the news. Talk about this week. I'm joined this week by simon cardi. Hello good to have you back. it's late for you. Yeah as late for me though is just very true. I don't do mornings. Also you only live in the night. We're also doing this week by zachariah cardi. You're so menacing the way you said that. Yeah yeah. I'm a very menacing person. I think everyone will agree right. Yeah i'm sure when. I think of cardiac medicine absolutely cardiac and of course also this week we're joined by special guests street grind street. Thank you so much for joining us and being here with us. Thank you so much for having me. I've been hearing about your podcast for quite a while. I'm just glad if we can be here. Happy to have you on offer those who don't know where they can find you. Do you want to give people a little idea of where they can find you and the awesome streams that you more well you'll have to flatter me vat much jonathan But yeah you can find me on. You can find me on twitch where i usually do a lot of national refugees or you can find instagram for a lot of my fitness content and twitter. You could just find me just just speaking my truth speaking what i do pretty much so that we can finally their name street grind. Just pop up. We were happy to have you on this week i will. I will absolutely admit i. I have not worked out at all during the pandemic and but see like seeing. How positive and reinforcing your about living an active healthy lifestyles and when we used to go to the gym quite a bit. I finally signed up to go to the gym for the first time in a year. And i'm very excited to get back to it. So i appreciate your your incidental support. That means a lot thank you. That's pretty pretty much august. I try to tell people manage. Just try to lead by example and knows important and always say w we only have one body and we just have to know. Try to make the most of it. I mean. i'm not gonna say that. I've been perfect. You know during the pandemic either where like when initially hit last year for like a month or two like i wasn't really working on either. Could i think everyone was kind of. They felt deflated at that point. You know but i'm glad to hear people. Are you know. They're really taking charge of of their health. Really that means lots of me. And of course we'll probably not much nutritional value people will gain from this episode but nonetheless we we do have a lot to get a lot to discuss the first thing. I do want to bring up just because we talked about a lot last week. Which of course none of your on. So i do want to quickly get your thoughts on. It was confirmation. Playstation is shutting down the ps three pm. Vida ps feet. Ps p stores. officially This was after we got rumors and reports. Originally from the gamer that this would be happening. And then we got word that the playstation three and ps stores will officially be completely shut on july second. Twenty twenty one. And then the ps via store the digital shop will be closed on august twenty seventh twenty twenty one. I don't want to belabor on my end too much because Brian tunnel. And i talked a lot about this last week with mitchell saltzman and brian i think pretty distinctly wrapped up all of our feelings. Was it just sucks that this is happening. That we're losing a large piece of history's echo to start with you. Just sort of like a quick reaction to this news and sort of what you think this means for. Sony's legacy yeah. I think. I think it's a bar. I mean i've been a playstation fan for a really long time and it's it's sad to see that a lot of these games. You know the only way you could get a lot of these other games was through these stores. Like i have frequently gone back to my vita and use it as a playstation one essentially. Because you could buy a lot of playstation one games for vida for a long time you could anyway in. That's just going away. So a lot of those games will sort of be lost time. And that is yeah. I mean we talk a lot about. We have talked a lot in the past about video game preservation and how things get lost from one generation to the next and how you know there are a lot of games out there that are somebody's favourite games right and those games will just go away forever in this lesser known games. Third party games things. That didn't make a big splash but our great great games beloved by some that. They're just sort of loss of the annals of time until somebody reach back out and decides to remastered them or whatever but a lot of these games will ever get that second. Look because they're just not impactful enough or not big enough or a. Yeah it's it's a shame to see so many great titles just kind of gone forever. But that's my take. Yeah i pretty much agree. I mean i'm the fi to fan. Say i did try and find my veto for this to see why had installed on their. I couldn't actually find. It's been about four years. Since i played i think on the aca. Don't go back to it often. you've got you. I was. I always keep mine handy just in case prepared. Mind somewhere your professional. I'm not us. That's the result of this whole conversation. I love data sonal. Four golden is one of my favorite games. We'll time and luckily that is now on steam. So there is a way to play that. But they're all going to be games like you know where you're going gonna play groppy rush unless you've got a copy of all like i mean for the past m. is the big you. Md boom coming back. They gonna sorta like one hundred dollars each know but yeah it's kind of it's less than i feel like i've had my fill of those games and the pse the psv to i my time i played wanted on those but as you say it's more for the children of the future in and not going to go back and play those games all day. They're they just not going to be easy to find. It's kind of a similar scenario. I didn't become sorry from repeating. i'm sorry similar to what nintendo doing. I think when this released today is the last day you can buy a three d mario collection.

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