A highlight from Reprogramming Your Brain To Deal With Trauma, Getting Rid Of Cell Danger Response, Why Drugs Don't Work, 'Emotional Concussions' & Much More With Dr. Don Wood.


On this episode of the ben greenfield fitness. podcast teacher. Making a comment to you. That you're not very smart or coats in. You're never going to make it into the pros. Those kinds of things linger you're atmospheric conditions that are affecting the way your mind operate so if you've had a lot of that is going to be very dark and stormy how could you not produce dark stormy thoughts because you've trained your brain to say when you see the ocean you think about the ocean or feel that touch or hear that statement you telling your mind everything safe performance nutrition longevity ancestry living biohacking and much more. My name is ben greenfield. Welcome to the show Oh goodness gracious me

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