A highlight from 1523: The Difference Between Training for Strength Vs. Muscle Gain, Losing Body Fat Without Counting Calories, the Dangers of SARMS & More

Mind Pump


This is my in pump all right in today's episode. We answered some fitness and health. Questions that were asked by our audience but the way we open the episode of portion where we talk about current events scientific studies. We have fun conversation. We mentioned our sponsors. Today's intro portion was forty four minutes after that we got into the questions. So here's what went down in today's episode. We opened up by talking about speeding tickets. Looks like Katrina adams wife. Got us into to bummer. Then we talked about the value of bullies. Yes there is some valuables sure Then we talk about barstool versus rappaport that whiny idiot Hope i think they won. Nike this satan shoes. Uh-huh what's going on there then. We talked about Thug these now. They're not they're not diapers for your kids than the rubbish bone. Now something else then. We talk about chicken nuggets. Let people know this but chicken nuggets only come in four shapes. That's it not random. That's right then. We talked about how eighty percent of the people in hospitals with covid Are also overweight or obese. Looks like being overweight is not good for you. Then we talked about how someone made three d. portrait's of from people's dna who through their cigarette butts gum on the floor. So they got caught. Then we talked about hickeys. Oh yeah the whole way of showing people. You made out what happened to that. I don't know and then we talked about our sponsor juve juve makes the best red light devices anywhere. Red light can improve the quality and appearance of your skin. Reduce wrinkles heal your body.

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