Be Happy. Be Angry. It's Ok.

Lesley's Lessons


Can be happy and you can be angry. The difference is happy. That is your state of mind. You see the glass half full you root for people you root for yourself you see the positive ladies and situations you can be angry. Being angry doesn't mean that you are angry person. It is how you feel. It is an honest emotion and oftentimes. I think that we suppress people from their true feelings and try to put them in a box. If your anger about this this means you're this way. It's only one way if you're angry. Maybe you're passionate. Maybe you do agree but you also don't want other aspects of it to be ignored. It's all about the delivery. But it's also about facing what you're feeling instead of suppressing it to please others or to disguise yourself from being rejected by others or judged in order to save face and keep everyone happy and you hide in plain sight being angry experiencing those emotions understanding. Why you're upset matters for your well being.

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