COVID-19 outbreak pauses Vancouver Canucks' season


Elliott firstly before we do anything on this podcast. Let's just all send our best to everyone in the vancouver canucks organization. Everybody around the nhl feels awful at what the vancouver canucks are going through right now and elliott as we tape this podcast record this podcast On a sunday evening. What is the very latest with this ongoing situation. Well look the covert list expanded again. On sunday night sixteen players listed on it. And you know we should mention that just because you're on it doesn't mean you have it but one of the things that the nhl has basically assumed here is that it's going to go through everyone and even if it doesn't and you hope it doesn't you automatically assume it does and that's the way they look at it when it was going through dallas. That's the way they looked at it. When was going through buffalo. And you know there's been some debate about white symptoms. That players did or didn't have. I'm not getting into that. I think that's crazy. I think that what we have here is that we know it's the variant The brazilian variant. We know there's a player jas horlock who had covert originally last march and now has it again. So there's a lot of things to be concerned about here. We know that not everybody had symptoms. We know that some had symptoms more severe than others and that the ones who did have the severe symptoms. Unfortunately they went through an awful lot. Like basically what i've heard. Is that the roughest outbreak in terms. Of what the players went through generally considered to be buffalo's i think for those players who did have symptoms. This one has been considered rougher than that

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