A highlight from The O.J. Simpson Trial: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. F. Lee Bailey


Economically like it was once necessary for some women to become serial killers. I don't think we really want to address that her. Welcome to you're wrong about the podcast. That tells the story of f lee bailey trying to keep his client out of chailly that anything That's something that is truly something. That's my worst work on the show. This is the shining jewel. Okay do you do what i wanna do for us. Introducing ourselves or if this works. Hey i'm am andrew hobbs. Oh nice. I'm s and marshall. And if you want to support the show or are episode on meghan and harry and oprah. You can find us on a patriot at patriotic dot com slash iran. Wrong about or more. You can find sarah on wire dads and me on maintenance phase whereas we call the solar system our programs why our maintenance wrong phase dad's about and today we're talking about f lee bailey right So yes there. What's what's the story. we're telling what is the story. We're telling my why are we here. I mean we're talking in great length and great detail about oj simpson who went on trial for the murder of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman in ninety. Four ninety five. Oh shit. this is this as good. Though i liked her remind people like by the way they were in pretrial for eight million years emergencies happen in mid june. They go try late. January of nineteen ninety-five. Oh okay so. We are in nineteen ninety now but the trial begins ninety ninety five. Yeah why there is so much time for antics okay. And we're currently in the antics stage of the story where oj is compiling his legal team. Yes who did we talk about last time. Mike because fees are directly related. Were having kind of a one in one out scenario here. Today we talked about howard. Weitzman and bob shapiro. Anna's relay race grabbing of the baton that went from one to the other. Yeah and how did that happen basically. Oj blamed howard. Weitzman for all of the scrutiny that he was under by the police even though most of it was actually due to his own incompetence and his own over-confidence that he could sort of talk his way out of suspicion by the ups and when he started to realize that the cops were actually taking him seriously as a suspect. He transferred a lot of that guilt. Onto howard weitzman his existing attorney and then he found this sort of savior figure in bob shapiro his new lawyer. Who is going to rescue him from all of this. Yeah so he kinda ghosted on whitesman and moved over to shapiro. Yeah you really ghosted him. Yeah it feels like he's blaming weight's been for the fact that like his ex wife was murdered and there's blood all over his house. It's like i don't know. How is that your lawyers right but this is classic abuser behavior.

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