The Fight Over Vaccine Passports

Slate's If Then


Okay. I think that this term vaccine passport gets thrown around lake. We all understand what it means. Is there a- definition like one what does vaccine passport mean. I think it depends you ask the biden administration would say this would be documentation of people who have been vaccinated and they can present it as needed to travel authorities to businesses. That are requiring some proof of the shot. They actually try and avoid the word passport lizzy. The they've talked about credentialing of this information vaccine. Verification republicans would say that passports are it infringement This is an increasing argument from from the right. That passports are an attempt By the government to collect data in an appropriate way to but into people's personal health decisions and even the use of the word passport is creating some complaint that this is an elitist term that only people who travel internationally have passports. So why why are we even cutting on to that terminal. I mean it's not all that different from the like little yellow cards that you get if you've gotten a a yellow fever shot or something like that when you travel or if you traveled in the past i've i've had inoculations and had to show that cross borders. I remember doing the same. When i went to south america. I think in college but the idea is a little different. Only that we're in the middle of a global pandemic right like there's more import able to demonstrate that you're protected against covid nineteen as we're trying to ramp down cove nineteen.

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