A Review Of The New OnePlus 9 Phone


Okay so One plus announced the phones. This week they've been teasing these for a long time. I mean one plus the king of not spending a dollar on advertising and just using the power of their voice on the internet to To let you know about everything so the one nine series is the oneplus nine. The oneplus nine pro. You guys know that For for prices we have seven twenty nine starting price for the oneplus nine and then it tops out at eight twenty nine hundred bucks more That gets you eight gig ram and one hundred twenty gigs storage at seven twenty nine and then for another hundred bucks you could ask for more gig rams so twelve gram double the storage certificate six for the nine pro. Which is this guy starts at nine sixty nine. And that's also the eight gig one twenty eight gig combo and then this model i actually have is fully specked out so another hundred bucks which takes us over the thousand dollar price point to one thousand sixty nine twelve gig to fifty six storage. It's kind of what they've done for a couple years so it makes sense but we are at another increase the The eight pro last year started eight ninety nine and then topped out. I think right at ninety nine ninety nine I can't remember offhand with the eight price. Was the april five ninety nine. Six hundred ninety six ninety nine seven ninety nine have been six nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine. Yeah because we're up to seventy nine so kind of a thirty dollar increase in a seventy dollar look. They packed a lot of specs. And we'll get to that so anyway if you want the top of the line one plus nine pro we are whoa well over a thousand but were over thousand bucks now so were ridiculous as far as specs go you know oneplus. Didn't really hold back. They kind of gave us everything and everything you would expect from a modern phone. You know they they haven't done headphone jacks for awhile. And s d cards i. I don't know that they've ever really done those in there. Really cheap phone so i. I'm not gonna waste time complaining about those. But they added the newest of the new. Obviously the cameras going to be a big focus with the with the hassle blah partnership But like this nine pro has hd one hundred twenty hertz. tim's lower lesser of a phone much Ten eighty p but also still hundred twenty hertz. They both have staff in eight eighty eight. I talked about the ram and storage configurations On the camera this has a quad camera. Yours has triple camera. Believe so the big thing. There is the hospital vlade partnership so. This camera is the sony. I m x seven eight nine. Which most people doesn't mean anything. But it's just sort of the newest sony sensor. They said they they developed it in custom with with sony. And so you've got that. And then it has a fifty megapixel wide angle lens.

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