A highlight from Mini Ep 191: From the Hair-ses Mouth



Thirty five podcast for the password is cd-roms. You know things have really been bumping and bopping over on the instagram. They have been let its traditions in the comments happening. Yep yep yep. A shattering lot of sharing. Yeah we're talking about underwear today. Yeah so have. You had an overhead tonic over Tori i want just pop in with a Cozy romance book rock. Love it okay. It's a book. I really enjoyed so called mentally engaged by fara horon. Okay and it's a delightful treat of a wrong Tell me more okay. Well the main character is woman who lives in toronto and you know while it is a romance it also focuses a lot on her and challenging contentious but also loving relationship with her indian muslim family and they try to kind of arrange a marriage with guy and when she finds out she's like absolutely not but then coincidentally he moves in across the hall from her and of course he scorgeous and file low charming and lert eighty and we love a gorgeous neighbour. We do don't we. Don't we do just neighbor free. Do they bond. And there's just like a wonderful line with baking and cooking. And i just don't get anything else away but i just want to give it a hearty recommendation and i also need to say and i think have i told you like the kind of sexy twist in the book not a twist but like sexy detail that i tell you it now. Okay i'll tell you off the air. Because i don't wanna spoil it but there's sexy twist that if you have heard me talking podcast you might not think i'd be in but i listen to it. Oh my curiosity is piqued. Wow y'all kate just told me what the twist is and listen to rise. But i like that. I am very very surprised. And in fact i see it as a sign of your continued evolution. Immaturity open-mindedness to new findings rothe as a as a human that. You can appreciate this particular twist. Yes i really hope that this vague talk gets people to read the book. Because i really love. I once went on a date with a neighbor. Oh you did. How did it go. I mean obviously. You're not married to them now. I'm not it it didn't go great. I think it did go great and then you know then i would see him around. The building i briefly lived when i lived in philadelphia briefly. Lived in like a pretty large apartment building So it wasn't like you know it wasn't like we lived in a brownstone where he was like upstairs from me but it'd be rough but yeah i would still occasionally run into him and it was like you went on one date quit. Went on one date might have gone onto dates. I don't i don't recall. i think i've ever dated a neighbor. But i have have done a co worker honey

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