A Breakdown Of Latinx Heavy Medal

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So i'm in the studio today with producer. Genie montalvo gene. So thought i wanna take you back to the latin grammys of twenty nineteen. What happened well. A bunch of things happened but relevant today. Yeah lars ulrich of metallica presented with the person of the year award. It's kind of like a lifetime. Achievement did not know. That's where you're going to go with this surprise but really you can see kind of losing it on the video but listen to him here. That's very funny to me for those who don't know who is. How would you describe his music. It's like top yet. Like pop rock but the area likes comey sunday at me but i had no idea he was a huge metallica fan. Wine is is a huge mental fan. And so we're a lot of people in latin america and that is what i'm going to be talking to you about today mysterious. I didn't know you were into metal finds story. Because i'm actually not. But i am surrounded by latino metal heads. My brother was into metal growing up my neighbors into metal and plays in a metal band. And what would life be like. It didn't marry someone who was also into metal much quieter. So speaking about my husband or nesto who you know as from peru. He was telling me the story the other day that got me thinking about this topic. It was about the time. When one of his favorite bands the british rockers. Iron maiden came to lima in two thousand nine. You have heard of iron. Maiden i've seen the sweatshirts when our media i came. I announce actually their visits lima. People started making plans to come to the show. People started coming from other cities. Even from equador people throw away from waiheke from keitel youth ecuadorian flex in the crowd

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