A highlight from MURDERED: Donnah Winger

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I'll tell you the man on the other end about line is mark winger married father of a three month old baby and you can hear from the call. He's absolutely frantic. Yeah definitely when police arrived the winger home. The scene was total chaos. The front door is open and inside the dining room. They find mark crouched over the body of his thirty one year. Old white donna. According to a two thousand and two story by linda rocky in the chicago tribune. Blood is oozing from seven wounds in the back of donna's head and she's lying face down and about five feet away from donna. Also on the floor is another man. And he's laying on his back. He's been shot in the head and next to his body. Police say a claw hammer. That's covered in blood now. Both donna and the unknown man or still breathing when paramedics arrived and they are quickly rushed to the hospital at the winger house. Though it's now a crime scene so police continue to try and calm marked down and figure out what the heck happened here. So they offer him some tissues and drinks and i mean mark sitting here. He's in total shock. He's covered in blood and he's literally just rocking back and forth on the bed asking if his wife is okay. So what exactly happened. Well marked house police that he was downstairs on the treadmill when he heard this like thump. Sound upstairs so he goes up to check on what's going on and according to a two thousand eight series from cbs news. He found the baby all alone in their master bedroom and he said that when he saw the baby alone he knew immediately. Something wasn't right so he tells police that she can hear more noise coming from the dining room so he grabs his gun and follows the noise. Wait this seems to be moving kind of fast like it seems like it's escalating really quickly. Like why would he jumped to. I need to protect our home. Like right away you know. I don't know. I kind of actually had the same thought too. I don't even think it's that weird for three month old baby to be alone. I don't he didn't say necessarily as far as i could tell. The baby is crying or babies nap. Babies get put down. I don't know and then again the babies alone and that's your only indicator that you think something is weird so you go immediately. Grab your gun. I mean i guess without knowing mark. I have no idea how normal that might be but to me that would definitely not be my first reaction anyway so he says that he gets his gun he goes to the dining room and that is where he finds donna on her knees and a man that he says he's never seen before leaning over her and beating her with a hammer says he then instinctively took aim and fired his weapon and the attacker fell backwards but mark at the guy looked like he was trying to get back up and so he shot him a second time in the forehead. At that point mark tells police that he rushed his wife side trying to give her cpr but the strange man started like groaning again. So mark's one the hammer at his chest and he stopped and matt is at the point when he calls nine one one. Oh so who. Is this other guy. You just like some random person off the street. Police identified the man as twenty-seven-year-old roger herrington and when police give his name and like say. Hey this is the guy is do you know him. Do you recognize him. Marked instantly recognizes the name and according to a forensic files episode from two thousand. Three called intrusion mark tells police that is the guy who has been stalking. My white like this guy has been harassing my family. Yeah for some time now. And so then. Marco's onto tell police this story about roger and he said roger had been calling the house all week asking for donna. Talking in like weird voices and police are i mean like what is her connection to him. Why would he be doing this that. You have any idea. And marx's yeah so almost a week ago he tells them donna and her three month old baby. Bailey had taken a shuttle from the saint louis airport to their home in springfield like she was visiting family and saint. Louis they were coming back. And roger harrington had been the driver of that shuttle bus and apparently roger had been super inappropriate during the drive. He was talking to john about wild sex parties. These violent fantasies telling donna that sometimes when he drives these like higher powers come to him and they pull him out of his body like very very bizarre things and not only is what he is saying making her uncomfortable but the way he was driving was making her uncomfortable to he was super radic. Going really fast. And donna felt really unsafe. Make it home in one piece. But it left her super rattled. I can't imagine how creepy that situation. We in general but especially to have your baby with you. Oh totally and so when mark hears about this when she gets home. He's pissed and he tells police when she told me this story. I call to the shuttle company where he worked and complained about the driver. And even had donna right out the details kind of in a statement about what happened while it was still fresh in her mind and police actually end up. Finding this written statement by donna. On the fridge which spells out not only what happened that night but also how afraid she had been of. Roger mark says that basically after he makes that complaint that's when the harassment really started because roger had actually been suspended from his job because of that complaint and in fact just that morning mark said that he had to call roger directly to warn him to leave donna alone now when they start looking at this guy roger. He wasn't exactly a stranger to police. He wasn't like a hardened criminal or anything but he did have some prior arrests one of the detectives who responded to the scene at the wingers house that day actually had arrested roger before for a domestic violence incident at sometime but mostly roger was just kind of known to police because of this history he had we psychiatric issues which included him having delusions. Okay so that may be explained at least some of his behavior while he was driving donna and the baby back from the airport but i guess my question is what brought rogers the winner house. That day. we'll as police are looking at the scene. I think the conclusion that they're coming to is that. Somehow roger became obsessed with donna somehow after that ride or at least he became obsessed with this idea of vengeance made even after he lost his job again without roger here to say anything i mean. He's in the hospital at this point. They don't know for sure but the theory is but he wouldn't have a reason like in the next two great right right ax to grind. Get whether he was just obsessed with her whether he was in a delusion whether it's because he was suspended but he became so obsessed with this idea of getting to her that he eventually stalked and attempted to kill her and you know ultimately she did end up dying. Despite the life saving measures marks that he tried to perform donat did not

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