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Wow we definitely. We'll talk more about your work at stanley black and decker just a little bit later but right now how is twenty twenty one. Been treating you so far twenty. Twenty one is actually treated me really. Well i just bought a house about a few while two weeks ago now so that was coming from a kid who was rather had to be rather scrappy throughout childhood in growing up and get into an opportunity to say i can make that happen for myself was was such an honor for me really but so far. It's been treated me really well now. He's over this past year or so. Have you picked up on any new habits or behaviors about yourself. I had this latent introversion that i've regained is really funny because a lot of my work as we've talked about previously about with. Aig baltimore in working in this often. Front facing space. Where i had to be in front of people i got used to be an extrovert in over the pandemic. It reminded me that. Actually kinda just like your small understated in experiences. You know hiking getting away from people not being around a lot of people. So it's been a way of rekindling my love for maybe just myself in those small interactions. Yeah i feel like everyone has gotten closer to their true self in some aspects because of this time because we just had to spend so much time quarantine. they're isolated from other people. Yeah i think. It's one of those things where i i know when the pandemic started ahead or especially when it really hit my daughter's birthday my daughter's tenth birthday was march thirteenth. Twenty twenty hours. And i had this whole amazing surprise trip for her. We're going to go somewhere. We have never been. I designed a website forward. I did all of these things. And then i had to cancel that over just the day before was the leave and it was supposed to happen. I had like this new job. Opportunity lined up back got washed away. My girlfriend is a nurse. And so i was nervous about her going in the work. My wife got sick with covid. Actually as i'm concerned about. Is she going to be sick. And i kind of had to take a step back and just sit in do a lot of reading and look at myself.

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