Chantea McIntyre Tells Her Most Mortifying Basketball Moment


Sean shontae. Thank you so much for being with me today. I think a mean inviting. Meteors face absolutely will fill in the blanks. What did i miss about who you are and what you do. I guess an important context part hoyas. I played basketball from sixth grade through college. Oh wow it don't really play much anymore. I played division. One basketball decided not to go any further. But i think that that is an important part of the essence who. Am part of why. I can stay so motivated and persevered through things. I don't like to do you learn delay. Gratification ended i and pain tolerance and all the thing. I was a gymnast not in college. But all through high school in blow. And i hear ya yes yes and then were infertility warriors. We've got four children but we struggle with infertility and so after. The first baby adopted a son because he really wanted a large family. I really wanted a large family and battle with infertility for four years before we were blessed with two more miracle babies and so i'm a mom of four also. That is awesome. And how old are your kids now. My kids are eleven eight soon to be six and soon to be four. Oh my gosh. Wow yes oh. My kids are teenagers. I have two teenage girls. So i'm in a different wild and crazy stayed past the them needing me every moment rate rate which the how often not moment. It's going to be here shortly. So if you hear any of her angels in the background just be cool neck natural listeners. White knight occa- so i have been following you for i think about a year. Maybe a little more than that and i understand that you recently quit your day job to focus solely on your modeling career. Can you tell about that. I did really. I didn't. I didn't quit it to become a model. I quit my job. Because i wanted to be a stay at home. Mom awesome but coming from corporate america and having a steady paycheck. That really freaked me out. And so i worked a lot to get some supplemental income somewhere and so modeling was something i did before children and so i just three signed with my previous agency before children so that at least i could say i had a job.

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