A highlight from MBA1760 Q&A Wednesday: How often should I do 1:1s with my employees?


Support for today. Show comes from warmly. I- a small business owner self-employed or gig worker. Wobbly has helped over one hundred thousand small businesses. Get a ppp simla. Sloan and probably serves more than six hundred thousand. Small businesses across america wisely also designed their p p fastlane with gig workers in mind act fast as funds are limited apply now to wamplers dot com slash nba and to see if you qualify for a ppp loan and to see the terms and program rules. That's w. o. M. p. l. y. dot com slash nba. So today's acuity wednesday craig asks. How often should he be doing one on ones. He's been in business for three years and he hasn't done one yet. Nye said with a chuckle. Not because it's a bad thing but because it's such a common thing. I remember when i started running my businesses. I didn't even know. I had to do once so before we answer the question. Let me just explain what one on ones are. Really ones are not really evaluation so not a chance to evaluate your team members. Those are separate one on ones are just a chance that you can have with each team member to get feedback about how. They're doing how they're feeling. Just catch up chance for you to understand how you're doing as a leader in how the company conserve your employees better. These don't need to be long. They could be fifteen minutes and there doesn't need to be a formal structure because to be a informal conversation. We catch up and touch base with your team members now. Craig mentioned that. His team is a remote team. Many of his team members or abroad. And i can totally relate to that creek because I run a remote team and Our team is across four different continents. So when i do on ones. I'll have to accommodate for them now if you've never done once before bad that's totally fine. You can just get started and you have a team of seven people. So it's totally doable. Could probably get it done in a couple of days. So here's my recommendation. Just put it in the calendar. Now you want schedule these one on ones maybe back to back in a couple of days. Fifteen minutes apiece. And you may want to choose a time of year when things are not so hectic in your business where you end your team. Members are not busy To the point where this is an inconvenience. It's holding back from hitting their deadlines so one was are good when you're winding down. I often do them Between christmas and new years that week kinda slow for me in The world of business. And then i try to do them again. Some time in may or may even depending on my schedule but we literally just plug it into calendar in advance. So i know that it's going to happen and it's michael. There's no way i can avoid it. I don't have anything else. I'm not gonna double book myself with something else because hey it's already reserved it's in my calendar. It's in the team members of the calendars well. And you do this with google calendar. Invite or you can have your a virtual assistant or executive assistant to do this for you and it's literally just a video call. I like the start of the call by telling my team member. Hey this is your call you between most of the talking. I want to hear from you how things are going so be asking some brief questions and feel free to ask me questions ask questions like how are you enjoying the worker doing that. They've taken on new responsibilities awesome. How that's going alaska. Maybe the work life balance. Or how much is this job. A part of your fulfillment in life. I'll ask them for some feedback. To what are some things we can do to improve the business through your department or the way we do things. Maybe if we have a little bit of budget how can we spend it. Do you want to be able to order some books or courses or wait. Attend some local meet ups. It's a great way to touch base. And also for you to be honest whether your business is thriving or is in a rough spot you can just say. Hey we're on the spot right now. I want to be honest about it. you know. we're doing everything we can and we appreciate everybody's effort as we get through it. People will appreciate your honesty and transparency. And we'll have a sense of comfort that you're telling them things as they are also evidence is not an evaluation that's separate from These ones and put them at ease that they can just speak freely and they're not being evaluated on their answers now. I personally like to run one on ones minimum once a year. Okay i might be moving to twice a year every six months or am i do a hybrid where i'll do it. Every six months for new hires but after the past one year. I'll do it once a year. Believe it or not a year flies by and a year is not a bad cadence. I just wrapped up a bunch of one on ones. I did back in december but it do all all our team's going gonna pick up where i left off With the rest of our teammates. Now in april i know. Some companies are some entrepreneurs that run one on ones once a quarter personally. I think that's a little bit too frequent but my vices. Moore's not necessarily better. I would start with at least once a year since you're Haven't done it yet so once a year. If you feel you wanna do more do twice a year and ask your team members if you want to meet more regularly this cell try it out can always kick back. This is your business your rules but one on ones are healthy. They'll allow you to connect with your employees logic. Connect with your team members and get a pulse on how people are feeling it also helps you not get blindsided by somebody who may not be so happy in what they're doing in the company they might need a change and instead of them just surprising you with saying. Hey i think i'm gonna leave. You can suggest or preempt before that happens they move into a different take on the responsibility so they can be reenergized so you can get the most out of that higher. I have more on today's topic but before that let me give love to. Today's sponsor support for today's show comes from wamplers. Are you a small. Business owner self-employed or gig worker. Wobbly has helped over one hundred thousand small businesses. Get a ppp. Stimlus loan and proudly serves more than six hundred thousand small businesses across america. This last year has been challenging for all of us but navigating the ppp stimulus loan program shouldn't with up to forty one point one small businesses that could qualify for up to fifty thousand dollars in a one hundred percent. Forgivable loans in the united states wisely is here for you. Wampler also designed to their p. P. fastlane with gig workers in mind. It's a simple and fast way to apply for the maximum amount of funds. You deserve act. Fast as funds are limited apply now at wildly dot com slash nba and see if you qualify for a ppp loan and to see the terms and program rules. That's w. o. m. p. l. y. dot com slash. Nba rev up to these cuny wednesdays. Cushion from craig off with once a year with your own ones. Then you might wanna work up to twice a year. It's up to you experiment but keep them short schedule them in advance so both you and your team members know them. They know that's going to happen. And they can see it coming up in their calendar keep an informal keep a flexible and allow it to be a chance for you to get a few extra you can learn. They should be doing the talking not you. Thanks so much for listening to the hundred army. Show if you love me wednesday and you have a question to ask like craig s today. Go ahead and email me at omar at one zero zero. Mba dot net. I can answer a question. Right here on cuny wednesday before i go. I want to leave you with this. One of the best things you can do for. Your company is have a happy team to have a team that loves what they do. That work hard. Not because you tell them so is because they want to be feel says of ownership of the company. You can't buy that kind of culture and you can build that culture by getting to know them with these once the. Roi is incredible because you have a team that has your back. You know your businesses a well oiled machine. Thanks so much for listening and we'll check you in tomorrow's episode. We'll see you then take care.

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