Will Collagen Break Your Fast?


We have a question from daniele in the subject is collagen slash vitamins. She says when breaking a nineteen to twenty hour fast. Can i start with my collagen supplement which is powder and water and gummy vitamins. Please don't judge a grown woman taking gummy vitamins. Laugh emoji no judging so great question. Daniela the very short and simple answers. Yes the longer answer is. It's a good thing to clarify. I think collagen is something people especially people. That are new to fasting. Think that it might be something that they can take while fasting especially because it's often quote prescribed to take the way she's taking it like in water. Collagen is definitely. Something is not fasting friendly. It's a protein amino acid. It's going to definitely definitely break your fast. Yep people like to start at coffee. i don't know why Started that diddy I think way back in the day. 'cause i remember reading him writing about it. He was saying for women in particular. It was a good thing. Well i don't know it's like wasser by wanting to put this in their coffee. The good thing about college in those. It's very nourishing to your gut. So it's actually a really wonderful time to take it right when you're breaking your fast. Like danielle is and then same to take the vitamin. I'm not a huge fan of multivitamins. In general i think it's better to target specific nutrients there's so much complexities to vitamins. That it's hard to find a vitamin that you know is actually doing what you wanted to be

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