A Look at Rossini's Barber of Seville

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There's the young handsome count almaviva a nobleman from madrid. Who's very wealthy. And he's got the hots rozina. A beautiful young woman from seville so he does. What anybody would do disguises himself. As a poor student named linda neuro goes to seville and serenade zena beneath her balcony window. And the dude can sing. Account learns that roseanne has been locked away in the house of grumpy. Old doctor bartolo. He wants to marry her gross. But xena out to be a total firecracker actual here and her first big aria voce poco faa she. Lets us know that while she might act the part of the submissive ingenue. She's really really not to be messed with and she certainly will not be forced to marry anyone. She doesn't love in a world where women are expected to accept. The lives laid out for them. She writes her own story.

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