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That shelter songs from ice age and they're seek shelter out in the comes out on may seventh on mexican summer. A quick break. We'll be right back with a conversation with giddens and also music that honors leonard cone. Nick drake you're listening to all songs considered from. Npr music this message comes from npr sponsor starbucks. Did you know starbucks is committed to cutting their landfill. Waste in half by. Twenty thirty starbucks is testing an idea a borrow and return reusable cup program to reduce single use cups. In a handful of seattle area stores customers can choose to order their drink a fully reusable cub and return it on their next visit for credit on their starbucks app. Learn more about this program and starbucks commitments to making a positive impact on the planet at starbucks dot com slash planet support for npr in the following message. Come from better help. Offering online counseling better help therapists hassoo. Joe knows that lockdown has been on us as humans. We as people are hardwired to connect with others. Which is why this whole time is so difficult. The connection that happens between people and be very powerful and how healing it can be to have a healthy relationship with someone to get matched with a counselor within forty eight hours and save ten percent. Go to better help dot com slash songs for npr. Music here connected all songs considered. I'm bob boylan. There's new music from reopening giddens and like many stories. I'm hearing from musicians these days. This one came as a surprise. Not just us but the creators as well it was berthed in quarantine at home. Well actually not quite on the north carolina native and our talion musical partner francesco. Teresi have been in ireland and in lockdown. They made this album in a studio outside dublin on a working farm the albums titled they're calling me home. I want to play the song. Avalon one of the original non traditional tunes on the record. I spoke to reenter giddens last week about missing home and making music. That a lockdown pandemic record. I mean wouldn't have existed in any other time and it really does come straight out of me and my partner francesco. Sort of grappling with what everybody's been grappling with but in our in our own particular way being locked down in ireland which is a adopted home but not where we were each of us were born and kind of the realization that being an ex pat in a new place being an ex pat. And knowing that you can go home whenever you want is a lot different from being an ex pat and not being able to go back home and it kind of like for me. It really brings me into the sort of subtle yet. Large differences between an ex pat being an immigrant and being a refugee and they're all varying degrees of privilege and it kind of brings home my privilege to me in a way that i think is really important way because there are those of us who are very used to the idea of just being able to hop on a plane hop hop in a car and go home and there's lots of people of the world whose homes don't even exist anymore because of war who had to have to go somewhere else because of financial economics and don't have that ability you know and so it kind of brings me into that space a little bit and also thinking about what exactly is home is it. A concept is physical places and emotional. All of these things. And i was thinking about this the other day it was like when you moved somewhere else through choice. You look for the similarities in the new culture in your culture in. That's how you build points of connection when you can no longer go back home even to visit you start feeling the differences of. That's really interesting. So what what are some of those different like. If you like food and music i feel like are very similar in the way that they evoke. Childhood feelings nostalgia the way that they offer. Yeah comfort the way they connect you to a place and so when you no longer get that little sip when you can kind of go sip from the well when you can't do that anymore you feel the lack of it even more in that throws into sharp relief the fact that it's not around you and what actually is around jews different and you know. We found ourselves trying to recreate food making biscuits. 'cause i can't get them here and briscoe is like bottom machine to make himself cappuccino giant coffee and and we've and we found ourselves doing that musically and i mean that is the nucleus of record is trying to create a little mean. We can't recreate our homes are birth homes here nor would we want to 'cause we you know we moved here. We're here is our new home. But there's these pieces of our of our birth homes that musically speaking really came out in our sort of comforting ourselves through music. Because you know that's kind of what we had was must playing together. You know which is a great great amazing thing. I'm very lucky. Lucky to have it but so in this song avalon it sort of about coming home but what what is home in the case of that tune to you. Yeah i've kind of a cost section of the two main themes really of the record. I mean it's about home missing home. What is home. And then it's also death and so home obviously being a euphemism also four that passes to the next whatever it is you know when we die. I find this always happens. Like i write something. Make it and then think about all the things that it means after. It's like you never think about it making it but then after like oh yeah so like for me. Avalon is kind of operating on two different levels their words. Which are you know sad. Because it's talking about a mother a father who've passed onto the other side in your kind of contemplating okay. Hopefully they're waiting for me where i'm going to go one day right. And then that the joyful part of it so it's like you know there's the sad part of it but then there's this kind of undercurrent of joy that kind of came out in the way that it was written in the way that we performed it. Which i think is the other side of the coin that we don't always get to or we. I don't know it's it's kind of like the one constant that we all have is that we will die. you know. there's actually a in that. That is something that is not a question how win. And why and all of these things data is. We have no control over that. And i think that there is this thing that when you connect to the inevitability of it and the fact that that is the one that's the one event after birth that were all going to experience. I find admiration and the fact that someone finds comfort in that i i don't i guess i'm not to believer in the next world and reuniting and seeing my loved ones again and even

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