A highlight from 475 - Cabeza de Vaca - Part 2


Anthony restore american history to me amigo. Aguirre thrilled has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Do you want to do any of your. You know like sipa of ice tea. Cologne owner do you want to do any of those things. You're not doing this. Should i start doing them where we are with. No i mean we could bring him back. i just don't i'm just not in the mood is not the mobile and i'm not feeling that particular aspect of things is that because you don't have hobbies. I have really shut everything down to the point where i'm just a guy sitting in a chair. So that's what you do guys sitting in a chair. You know them. Surely i mean i'll move her. You've probably moved your bowels air. Breather eyelid user. These are that there's options there's options this pretty disappointing opening. There's options i think it's it's it's because you're not giving it. Sometimes people say hot but this is the opposite of coming. In hot we are frozen. It's not fair you shouldn't be saying that about our own free things. Podcast is freezing. You're playing the sport you can't also ref it. It's not cool call. The is jam jams fucking guy dave. Okay gary gary is it for five. Tickly part could hit him with the puppy. Resent sip arguments action right. Can't my friend raw only gareth. David we are brought to you in part by barak lead Look how how's your comforter these days every the upgrade as far as my bedding at comforter situation is dramatic you answered that question to you a lot like you feel maybe lumpy and deflated. And maybe a little greyish doesn't have the same bounce. It used to how about a refresh happened to read. Now i have brooklyn brooklyn before guy and now you have a new brooklyn one. How does it feel. Yeah i just. I already went through this with you. I'm not going to do it again. It creates beautiful high quality bedding they create homosexuals and listening. There's no middleman there's no markups and they're comforters. That i was just talking about. They're lightweight they're all season. I talked about on i great. I said the whole first grade type of sleeper hot cold. Whatever they gotta waited waited one gareth. You should try. You should try one. That's all i'm saying. I've been trying actively very into it. They got over seventy five hundred five star reviews. I'm among the okay. I'm just saying try it out. I personally love mine. I got the one. That is eco. Friendly recycled down alternative. I love it. you should try. Absolutely i adore.

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