A highlight from Fantasy Impacts for the 2021 Rookie QBs


Now i got a bunch of media gigs in podcasts. And all kinds of fun talking about football including this one you can check out all the action at ross tucker pod if you wanna make sure you know when any of our new shows get posted the star of this show well. It's joe don at f. Underscore building he is the fantasy gangsta. That's what g stands for. Look at these guys. Straight brimmed fantasy points hat tilted to the side a little bit so f is fantasy. Gangsta underscore dolan speaking fancy points dot com the glorious hat. The joe is wearing used. The code twenty-one feast. These guys are good enough to give us a new code for you guys each year to get that discount when you get the absolutely necessary. Fantasy points subscription. Twenty one. Feast so joe. Here's what i was thinking. I think look there will be a lot of analysis clearly about what type of fantasy prospects the rookies have after. They get selected. Right information about them will know what team they're on how it affects the other guys on the team. It get it. Got it. Whatever i do. Think and i've talked to other people about this over the years. I do think there's some value in having an idea of the player themselves and how you feel about the player themselves before they actually land on a team and discussing that. Because i feel like as soon as they get drafted by a team. It's impossible to think about it any way other than through the prism of that new offense coordinator that new scheme the skill guys there whereas we still have a couple of weeks here on the fantasy piece podcasts or can actually talk about the player because as we've seen joe with darnold this week and wentz and golf and these guys. Don't just stay on the same team. Anymore they move around my only be after two three four five years. Yeah and it's kind of like the The ross the player empowerment era. Which i'm all four by the way You know. I know these guys get paid a lot but the owners get paid more But that's a completely separate discussion but it was kind of brought on. I think a lot of people believe by Lebron james and the decision and while certainly the way. Lebron james did that when he moved to miami. was heavily criticised and and i was part of that criticism. These players are now realizing. Hey we've got power we've got. We've got the ability to improve things for ourselves. And that's what you're seeing obviously with with with wentz at least in particular and then on the on the flip side of teams aren't as loyal anymore. Jared goff has got that big contract and As soon as the rams saw potential upgrade they traded up. I mean they. They went out and got matthew stafford. So you're right.

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