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And we're back Juliet is April 6th. And yeah, a lot of I have had a lot of interest in coaching calls from Agents all over the country today juice. Lots of we run Clubhouse this morning just talking to a bunch of different folks. I really like to have my day full of conversations to keep my mind sort of on all these different real estate markets. Not just the United States. We're having listeners that are you know, certainly Clubhouse attendees. We had a gentleman from France today. Who by the way, he did know your soccer gaitree. Yeah, totally knew who he was. Sacha guitry is Julius like great great great uncle and he's a super famous Parisian. And if you're from Paris specifically you definitely know who Sasha get serious, but in any event, so from Portugal selling real estate, I think last week. surprisingly off Google actually operates fairly similarly to hear it does. So. Yeah. I mean, I think I love it too. It's nice to having different perspectives and different people to talk to and you know, the listeners hopefully are borrowing birth. Access from other markets to it. You know, I guess the big takeaway is that everyone's experiencing a very similar seller's market all over planet Earth. Yes. That's the thing. That's kind of vary. It's interesting cuz that's nice. I can't think of a time. I bet you there's never been a time actually where it's been like that and this is the this is a direct effect of essentially the the balance back from Covent. Yes. It really is. I mean, I read off topics, of course, you long ago about several, you know, literally ancient towns in Italy that had been forgotten about largely, you know, it's not like they've been rehabbing have air conditioning or anything and I know that these are like a hot commodity and people are buying entire blocks of those old Town's and turning them into interesting housing and you know stuff that probably wouldn't have happened with without coping. So I think it's really an interesting unintended consequence, you know, if you think that the premise of essentially being living in a city or close to a city the premise is always been that the quality of life is better, right you're going to age Closer to work you're going to be closer to school. You're going to be closer to the things that matter to you most and all these types of things but it's not like a like a lot of the qualities that you were attracted to buy living in pick your suburb and you know United States or even your city those qualities were still in the small towns. They just weren't as plentiful and but the main reason what's kept people aside for familial, you know, relations and birds and all that. What's kept people so geographically bounded for Generations, it's employment. Yeah, that's it. That's the reason people stayed where they've stayed and it's fascinating listeners if you listen to if you think about that for yourself you probably because statistically this is true. You probably live within a 25-mile radius of the exact hospital that you were born in you are you most people never leave their Hometown they might leaves Asian Ali but then they always come back and you it's because of that's where all your friends are your family are but it's also it's because that's where people have contacts make, you know, essentially create living's for themselves. But what choice Doesn't have to be true anymore. Now, obviously your your family will still be you may be centrally located in whatever Town you're from but what if you didn't have to be so dependent a geographic area anymore for the sake of earning a living wage that question has always been in the recesses of everyone's mind because everyone always fantasizes about you know, where am I going to go on vacation? Well, what if you could live full-time where you have always fantasized about going just on vacation? That's kind of an interesting little thing that's happening right now. What's a big thing that's happening. And that's the reason you see so many of these markets that are typically second third home areas or vacation areas that are now becoming primary results. It's because covid-19 Is between living say for example where you've only vacationed, I've always dreamed of vacationing and if you could live there full-time and maybe it's some remote place in the mountains like in Murphy North Carolina or something, you know, that's your fancy place. But you've never been able to live there just because of all the you know, Mooring lines that have kept you to your the place you were born work and school and all the things we talked about. Well what if now you could go to school virtually and there's no real discernable difference between virtual school and real school would have now societally we don't look down upon people going to college even remotely through a computer. What if all of a sudden your employer doesn't care or you live as long as you're doing your work and obviously you can work virtually what if all those things have changed and that's what we're experiencing. That's the thing that's most exciting. You can't really predict the outcome of that. But if you can find the changing demographics essentially all the Baby Boomers and the generations these that are starting to buy houses and then a lot of place. I think it's a rational argument to you can also attribute a lot of the growth in the economy. Housing in particular to low interest rates all of these amazing things that are happening have never happened before and it's exciting to be part of it. There is never been a probably never will be aside from when humans start populating my life. Maybe I don't know but never be a more interesting housing market and all the years that Julian I've been in real estate which is a couple of decades now, it really is fascinating to see all the changes that have happened for young guys. The market was just basically the same right everything we talked about especially as a coach was basically a same but now you're looking at these incredible macro-trends don't be afraid it's natural for everyone to feel a little bit fearful of the changes that are happening embraced and be excited about them and be part of them think about yourself be selfish.

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