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Pi news Martin know in November. They announced their Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard, which I think is my device off of the year, you know, the lucky we've covered all of these Raspberry Pi announcements. They've been busy over the course of twenty twenty, but I thought this was absolutely Splendid the the keyboard fog Factor yeah, really makes it super convenient to have a Raspberry Pi just on your desk and in the corner and you can just pull it forward and do stuff on it when you need it. I love it. It's a great great choice and the book that comes in the full kit is brilliant if you've got, you know kids and they're just getting into scratch and stuff. That book is just a treasure Trove and finally Martin found some open to Martinez. How could we not have a little bit of a PIN to martinis at the end of the year? So in in late November the ability to mate team announced that we had enabled the GPD Win Mag Mobile gaming laptop and official firmware is available from from the GPD website and the ability not a website great. Well listeners wage Good Year. It was for news. If we've missed out your favorite news story from the why don't you let us know you could email show at a bunch of podcast. Org will still be reading your emails wage. In between this year and next year or you can come and tell us about in our telegram Channel go to a bunch of podcast. Org / Telegram. I know it's time for some gooey love and the last gooey Love Of The Year Martin. What did you find? Well, I found a thing called mango hard. I I mentioned earlier in the year that I'd been playing

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