Apple Warns of An 'Imperfect Fit'

Lew Later


We're gonna kick it off with some apple news as we usually do and this one is was a bit of a concern for people around ipad pro and the new i. Pepperoni twelve point nine inch ipad pro because that ipad pro is a little bit ever so slightly fatter than the previous version just the tiniest doodo raca and the reason being is because it's a new display technology. So he got you know. They've got a fancy display in a twelve point. Nine this by the way does not affect the eleven edge. So they're goofing around. Led's as you know and trying to improve the display bisness fatness consequences when people start to stress out because apple said that the previous generation keyboard case. They call it. The magic keyboard was not going to work with the new ipad. appropriate said spent whatever i spent. I don't know three hundred bucks or whatever. It was for the magic keyboard. And i gotta get another one of those two. I'm showing four forty nine in canada. It's probably three forty nine in the us on the keyboard case where twelve point nine so people. Listen i say saying. Get the new to appoint ninety then. I gotta get the new keyboard as well. That was a kind of the line after the event. So it's going to be a big expenditure you're gonna be to jesus into this thing By time is said and done. You may have been hoping you're gonna anyway. We have new news here that there are a few articles written on it and it was your usual planned obsolescence conversation. It was your usual here. We go again as far as apple's concern here we go here. We don't channel but it turns out apples. I guess they're they're trying to alleviate some of your stress by saying oh you know what we know. These products aren't out there yet. But you can still use it.

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