A highlight from 1546: How to Increase Rotational Power, Ways to Build Muscle Strength & Endurance at the Same Time, How Tight Shoulder Can Limit Your Squat & More

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Sure t-shirt dog's favorite seventy redline just killed everybody's here. He's just went through puberty rituals. We had three winners this week to from apple podcasts. From facebook the apple podcasts. Winners are lewis five six seven four five and darius wellman and for facebook. We have richie i e. All three of you are winners. Send the name. I just read to i. Tunes at media dot com. Include your shirt size and your shipping address. And we'll get that shirt right out to you. Go to instagram. Pull up lane norton's last post. I believe it's this last post. He came after a biggest loser. I want address them stuff right now so you to lane by lane right. Yeah yeah go to via lanes Instagram go to his last post. Is he again ingram about something again. Okay okay yeah. I saw that every every day. He wakes up and he's like well. Here's a main grid. Here's his you'll i want i want to. I want to read it for us. So i want you to read us the post for the listeners. At aren't on youtube. So they because i know andrew will show up but for you. Can you read it for our listeners. So you can really said yeah he said. Don't think i've ever told you all this before. But i had a call from a producer of the biggest loser about being on the show during the call. They wanted me to agree that someone could lose one hundred pounds in twelve weeks in a healthy way. I refuse to agree with it. Never got a call back. There's more to if you slide slide. Yeah from a computer real archaic. Yes now. I can't be sure that was the reason. They didn't want me but they pushed hard for me to say it and i simply wouldn't to lose one hundred pounds and twelve weeks would require employing completely unsustainable methods would send the wrong message and that is exactly what i told them. One hundred percent on board so far going right orchard read the whole thing the audience. The person who called me also did not seem to understand the difference between someone with a phd in nutritional scientists and a physical trainer personal trainer. Anyway i didn't get on probably could have made a lot of money and more fame if i did not worth compromising what i believe the the mild flex their own. I love i love. I love that too. So integrity is greater than fame or money. I will find a way to reach millions of people but not at the expense of doing. What's right and then he goes in his can now. I'm sorry i'm making you read all this. But i feel like we need to have context because i want to have this conversation guys. Then he goes on in his caption he. I think he goes on to dig deeper in on the people that decided to go on on this show okay. Many of you guys know that. I've been very critical previously about the show and the methodologies they use to get people to lose weight they encourage healthy and sustainable methods very very low calories and excessive amounts of exercise in order for people to lose

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