AMD Is NOT Ripping off Intel


Topic. I can't remember what it is Yes amd is not ripping off intel. Allow me to explain. It would be easy to say. Oh hey wait. Hold on a second i mean. Amd's releasing a hybrid cpu. That just sounds a lot like intel alder lake which is the codename for their twelve generation courses processors which are going to use the us high performance golden cove course alongside power saving grace mont course with the idea being that you get performance when you need it and power saving when you don't but in fact intel is not the first one to have that idea and there's a whole lot else going on with their zen five architecture that has really nothing to do with what intel's doing so first things first then five will apparently be based on. Tsm's threes n three process. Node which i think they. They're just kinda changing up the nomenclature on us. I actually didn't know that they call them. Okay maybe they're not because they're referring to their seven nanometers and seven so. I've just never heard that branding for it before. Go figure so. Their entry process node is to full nodes away from current seven nanometer node with tsmc and has claimed to be one point seven times as dense as five nanometer which is itself one point eight times as dense as seven nanometer. And we're expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of a fifty plus percent Increase in power efficiency compared to seven nanometer. And wow so fifteen percent faster than fifteen percent faster. What would that. What would that be something like thirty five or so thirty five or so percent faster than seven nanometer as well now. Amdi

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